10 things you should do at the beginning of your career!

We know many young people in the job market who have just completed their studies and are looking to find what is the ideal path to follow in their career. Unfortunately, all of them end up in jobs that don’t like, to companies that do not represent themselves and with a salary that does not even cover their basic needs, making a poor start to their careers.

For this reason, we wrote 10 career tips on what you should do as a new in the job market in order to be successful in your field and have the desired development in your field:

  1. Aim to your development

At the beginning of your career, the first company you choose to work is crucial, so you must be smart in your choice. It is very easy to choose the best-known company or the company that will offer you the most money, but we advise – go to the company where you can learn the most!

How does a company in which you work (or intend to work) addresses professional and personal development of its employees? What are the growth targets of the company? Many new entrants in the job market choose the company which will work through the current reputation of the company instead of possible future company growth. As it is said, it is different to be the fourth employee working for a successful start-up and just being another one employee among thousands in large companies before stop growing completely.

10 things you should do at the beginning of your career-http://secretfromus.com/

  1. Learn every day something new

Many people do not understand the need to have a mentor to guide them in their professional career. Instead find someone who will help, will solve your problems and will guide, make reading one of your daily habits. Write on paper what you see, what you observe and what works or not in your job. Do you think you can remember them all? Probably not! You should have written all your comments about having a steady course and a prospect in your vision. Then, find people whom you admire and have things to take from them and watch them, learn from them and continue to read their articles, the books they have read or the market news.

  1. Embrace your weaknesses and work to improve them

In every job and industry you need to constantly learn new things – and to be able to be competitive and right in your work, should this habit to become your innate for the future.

Instead of running away from things that make you feel insecure or you think you do not do well, embrace them! Do you think you’re good at details, but often you do not see the bigger picture of things? Find someone who is good in this area and learn the secrets and get evolved. It is very easy to stay in what you already know, but to constantly push yourself to learn new skills combined with the time and your willingness to become good at something is what will stand you out from the rest during your career you.

  1. The excellent work will build your network of contacts

Networking is important and it is needed to be done outside the workplace. The truth is that the best way of networking is the outcome of an excellent job. The continuous excellent results in your work, not only highlight but also build your network and will help you climb faster the stairs to the upper levels of leadership in business.

  1. Work for the result, not the recognition

Most young people in the job market have the same complaint. Someone else got the glory for our own results and “this is wrong”. It is indeed unfair that someone else gets the credit for your hard work on a serious and time-consuming project, but just think that life, as work, is not always fair! The most important is that luck favors capable people and those who get results, so stop whining for glory and focus on results. Your career will see a vast improvement if everything aims the maximum results.

10 things you should do at the beginning of your career-http://secretfromus.com/

  1. Your career is your responsibility, not of your manager

The manager in your job as the leader in the business can guide you to your professional goals, if you request it. But in terms of your career, you’re the one who should get the big decisions. Ask what you want from the beginning, say your interests and constantly get feedback on all your activities so that you can get improved , as long as you decide to stay in this business.

  1. Learn to put priorities and act accordingly

See what is important in your work – what is the main priority, why, and what projects can meet this priority. The projects that involve high risk, have great reward and the work you did for them and will be rewarded in your future career. To be precise, meticulous and focus on details in your work – employers see their employees who are not afraid to take on difficult tasks and carry them out and other employees also feel more safety when working with a colleague who knows how to face major challenges.

  1. Use of social media as an advantage

Most candidates use social media to find friends online. But you can use them to become visible to your future employers. Initially, efface or conceal inappropriate photos from your profile, especially the photos of the great party of your school. Then, make sure to be active on LinkedIn, updating your profile regularly to your CV is always up to date. Finally, share content from companies and people in your industry that you admire. This will show that you are up to date with developments in your industry so you will be one step closer to the intake.

  1. Learn to fail in order to succeed

The career of everyone is not linear, but has failures and successes! What matters is how fast you come back after a bad choice or a failure. If a project did not go so well, or practice did not give you what you expected, do not let yourself fall – continue the effort. Your success will be judged by how quickly “recover” from a failure to reorganize and continue again on the road towards success.

  1. Learn to thank the people who helped you

Take the necessary time and personally thank all those who did this to you today. Be kind and openhearted to all who helped you. These people will remember your behaviour for many years.

10 things you should do at the beginning of your career-http://secretfromus.com/

It is very difficult nowadays to have a balanced career with so many difficulties, so many choices, and all thoughts about the next job or company, the next networking event, etc. Therefore, be focused on results, accept your weak signs, work to improve yourself, and not be afraid to take risks in your job that no one else dares to get. After all, the greatest risk in life is not to take any risk!

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