Kanye will launch his own makeup collection!

What will Kylie say after that?

Kylie is currently the beauty queen of Jenner- Kardashian family and successor to Kim, (who years ago introduced millions of women around the world in contouring). With lip kits to be sold out within minutes after their launch, the 19 year old has seen their bank accounts to increase in many zeros in minutes.

All this was until we read about the next professional step of Kanye. Besides rapper, designer and businessman, the husband of Kim according to a report of tmz.com prepares his own collection of cosmetics, which will have the name “Donda” (A tribute to his mother, whom “lost” suddenly in 2007). Continue reading “Kanye will launch his own makeup collection!”

Four common reasons that couples split

The long-term relationships and everlasting love may be the lifelong dream for many couples, but this is not always possible.

There are many reasons that can ruin a relationship or a marriage, but some are more common. Here are the four most common reasons that couples separate … Continue reading “Four common reasons that couples split”

10 Best Destinations for Career (Photos)

In some places, instead of unemployment, there are many job positions and career development for many professionals, according to a survey by HSBC Expat Explorer, which published the related ranking for 2017.

The survey, interviewed 27,000 immigrants from 190 countries for how easy it was for them to live, to find work and raise families in places where they are. The results were classified based on career progression, balance in life, work benefits and other factors and these are the results, according to businessinsider.com. Continue reading “10 Best Destinations for Career (Photos)”

Make your eyes look beautiful using only your eyeliner! (Techniques)

The eyeliner is the magic product of makeup. It can transform your look in an instant and make you look charming and attractive.

Whatever your style is, classic, extravagant, modern or glamorous, discover six useful and easy techniques to create ten different look that will improve your appearance. Continue reading “Make your eyes look beautiful using only your eyeliner! (Techniques)”

The 2 minute makeup by Drew Barrymore and her smart tip for shining face

The smartest tip for skin glow, according to Drew Barrymore is the use moisturizer with dab-dab method (put a little aside our fingers and dab) after foundation and concealer.

We will see our skin shining. We tried it and is true. Continue reading “The 2 minute makeup by Drew Barrymore and her smart tip for shining face”

The 8 reasons that make good employees to quit their jobs

In detail, a good employee can be led to the resignation because of the following reasons:

1. The disrespect and the lack of skills recognition by the employer

It is one of the worst feeling for an employee from being treated by the employer as another number in the company with a large workforce. This occurs when employers are only interested in the success of their business and not on human resources, which will make success possible.

So many times the employer can lose their temper and show the ugly aspect of their character to their employees, forgetting that those are people with concerns and problems.

If the staff is treated badly or rewarded with peanuts then they have no intention to produce and lead the company to success. The result in such cases is to look for another workplace. Continue reading “The 8 reasons that make good employees to quit their jobs”

Decorate your Space with Neutral Color Combinations

The idea of ​​colorless combinations are ideal for those who want to save space.

If the dark and bright colors are not your style, neutral colors are able to smooth the smaller spaces and make your home beautiful. Where you should focus your attention are the small nuances on the same basis as the simultaneous rotation of textures and patterns.

The decoration, therefore, using the same colors in different shades is ideal for a certain aesthetic effect, ideal for small spaces and suitable if you want to experiment with light and fabrics. Continue reading “Decorate your Space with Neutral Color Combinations”

This is the Ultimate Nutritional Antidote for Depression

It is estimated that depression affects 350 million people worldwide, while according to the World Health Organization will be the second leading cause of ill health by 2020.

Proper nutrition can play an important role in the management of depression.

In particular, the regular consumption of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fish have a positive effect a person’s psychology. Continue reading “This is the Ultimate Nutritional Antidote for Depression”

What should we pay attention to our dressing for a job interview?

We feel comfortable with what we wear. This has a direct impact on how we stand, how we sit and how we talk.

We live in the era of the image, the limited time, with high competition and unemployment. This means that there are few job opportunities and high demand. The many applications make things even more competitive. Hundreds of applications from qualified people with many skills, affect the choice option in the details. Continue reading “What should we pay attention to our dressing for a job interview?”

These two moves will make your hair smell wonderful all day

This is the solution when we do not want or do not have time to wash our hair…

When we wash our hair, it smells and shines. The sense is great and it makes us a good feeling when our partner touches our hair or someone who is close to us and bends down to talk to us.

However it is not the same when we turn from a restaurant or from the office and our hair smells as a cigarette, food and other unpleasant smells that we do not like at all. What is the solution to this, especially when we do not want or do not have time to wash our hair? Continue reading “These two moves will make your hair smell wonderful all day”