Care Tips for Colored Hair

Many women periodically change the color in their hair. At first this change shows very nice and definitely creates you good mood. But what happens when you spend some time and the color begins to become dull and fade?

We’ll try to give you some tips so that you, as much as possible, keep the bright color of your hair.


We start with the most basic. Do not wash your hair every day as this is the main cause of fading hair color.

The products that you use, shampoo and conditioner,  you always look to be specifically for colored hair. Everything is written on the outside of the package. Obviously there is a reason that there are specific products for colored hair. So use them.

Finally with regard to the bathing process, watch the water to be not too hot. The hot water results in fraying of color. So everything with warm water!

Protection from the sun and drought.

Care Tips for Colored Hair- are known the negative effects that sunlight has on your hair. Besides it damages your hair, it destroys also the hair color. For this reason, always wear a hat or hair sunscreen spray. It would also be used as a moisturizer, especially during thesummer.

Use hair mask.

Hair masks offer an extra care. Choose some of your choice either commercially or you can make your own at home and apply them regularly. Surely this will keep your  hair color longer.

Finally, what you should avoid is:

-The use of devices such as hair straightening, hair dryer etc.

-The use of foam, hairspray, gel etc.

-The swimming pools (due to chlorine).

And remember to always choose natural color dyes to avoid possible irritation and side effects.

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