She texted to the wrong recipient and married him

Kacey Bergh was on a business trip to the US Denver when she wanted to send a message to a colleague, but accidentally sent it to a fellow from St.Louis, Henry Glendening.

The message said: “Hi, I’m Kacey. It was supposed to meet Maria …, but the flight delayed, so I stayed at the hotel. Do you know someone else by the company to be able to meet in Denver;?»

Henry found the opportunity and responded to Kacey «Sorry you’ve got the wrong number. But if I wasn’t headed to work I’d be down to hang J anywho hope u can find a friend to …”

From that point, Kacey and Henry continued to exchange messages. She had divorced six years ago and did not believe that will find love, but had a belief in the law of attraction.

“From my experience, many people do not believe in something, they think that the world is as it is and that everything else is nonsense,” she said in an interview in St.Louis Dispatch.

Henry and Kacey disagree with people with such beliefs since not only met in the most unexpected way, but two years after they got engaged! There had been two appointments in St.Louis, quite a business trip and decided to stay together.

Their weird romance sealed with a wedding!

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