Impressive Eyelashes Without Mascara

We found three alternative ways that can make our eyelashes look great in just seconds without using mascara!

1.Eyelashes scissors … It brings the desired results in our eyelashes, the only thing that it is needed is to know how to use it properly! Within a few seconds it can give the perfect shape on our eyelashes and make our look attractive. Just one or two uses are enough for each eye, without applying excessive pressure!

2. A toothbrush is enough … Yet, a clean toothbrush besides maintaining our good oral hygiene, can easily be transformed into beauty tool! Just put hot water on it and then slightly dry it with a clean towel. Now we can use it on our eyelashes, brushing them- starting from the base of the eyelid, eyelash roots, and continue with the edges.

3. Our… fingers can become the most valuable tool of our makeup! As we are used to slightly heat the scissors eyelash before using it, so we can warm up our fingers or washing with warm water and rubbing and slightly using preasure on our eyelashes. Press for a few seconds and repeat. In each case, of course, pay attention to not using excessive pressure.

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