This Is How A Man Chooses The Woman He Wants To Marry

Beauty? Performance in s.ex? Interesting personality? Money? What does a man look for in order to marry a woman?

We may live in a period when divorces are more than weddings. Relationships are in crisis, insecurity commitment. Both men and women are more reluctant to make the step to a “life together” with-their partner.

However, there is always this “loophole” in the things that let the light go through. There may be many more couples that end their marriage even in a short time, but there are also those who are just starting their common life and consider marriage as a means of personal fulfilment.

When does a man finally say: “This is the woman. This is that I want. I am getting married to her “? Continue reading “This Is How A Man Chooses The Woman He Wants To Marry”

You should not work just for money | Read the reason!

Most people work in order to earn money and live a decent life. This is the reality! If they do not earn money, they will not be able to meet basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing. But we should not let money define us, otherwise, we will never find happiness and pleasure that we need.

The problem nowadays is that most employees work in positions that do not like, just to earn some money. They think that if they earn enough money to buy expensive clothes, cars, etc., this will make them happy. As the wise people say:  money doesn’t buy happiness.

We support the idea that you have to follow your passion and earn from what you like doing. If not, you likely meet the following issues at some point in your life. Continue reading “You should not work just for money | Read the reason!”

Care Tips for Colored Hair

Many women periodically change the color in their hair. At first this change shows very nice and definitely creates you good mood. But what happens when you spend some time and the color begins to become dull and fade?

We’ll try to give you some tips so that you, as much as possible, keep the bright color of your hair. Continue reading “Care Tips for Colored Hair”

9 tips that will help you make the right choice of partner!

All we are looking for the one and unique. The one.  And finally what women jokingly say is that they attract the most unsuitable men. But it is clear that this is a result of bad c our bad choices. 

Choices that are made due to low confidence, focus on the past and insecurity feeling. As the choice of a partner is an important issue which could ensure our happiness and our peace of mind, the  psychologist Dora Minos is here to help us to choose correctly. How? If the following conditions are met … Continue reading “9 tips that will help you make the right choice of partner!”

This woman has travelled all over the world [PHOTO & VIDEO]

If anyone has travelled in different 50 countries is an achievement that really impresses us.

If anyone has travelled to 100 countries, it is extremely impressive.

But if someone has travelled all over the world, then this is really amazing.

The first woman (with proof) who has travelled to 196 countries is the 27-year old American Cassandra De Pecol, from Connecticut. Continue reading “This woman has travelled all over the world [PHOTO & VIDEO]”

Tips for Beautiful Nails

The beautifully manicured and polished nails can easily draw attention, be combined perfectly with a dress even though show your mood.

The choice is difficult because there is a huge range of colours and designs. The truth is that we must take care some small details in our manicure, which in any case can not be considered insignificant. Continue reading “Tips for Beautiful Nails”

Quick Beauty Tips with Effective Results

We are giving you some very quick beauty tips that you should never forget. I think you might find quite useful these Tips. Let’s go then:

-With the facial cream that might stray your hands gently make massage on your cuticles.

-To waxing your eyebrows without hurt, first place an ice cube for a while on them and then you will not feel as intense pain.

-Before using scissors to your lashes a good idea is to have warm it with your hair dryer and the results will last longer. Continue reading “Quick Beauty Tips with Effective Results”

What you need to Throw from your Closet in 2017 in order to have Style

The style is a very personal matter, so as a concept is somewhat vague this means that each woman keeps her uniqueness.

Now that the new year came, there are few women who want to renew their wardrobe and continue to remain elegant, effortlessly.

Although daily we can’t decide what to wear from all the clothes that we have, it is sometimes more useful to know what clothes should not choose.

Of course, the most important is to wear what pleases us and makes us feel confident using the  guideline as a driver.

-No to the skinny jeans that show cheap

What you need to Throw from your Closet in 2017 in order to have Style-

Continue reading “What you need to Throw from your Closet in 2017 in order to have Style”

Natural, homemade masks for your hair

Each woman must give great importance to the care of her hair. In this article we will see some very easy and fast simultaneously masks that will offer hydration, vitality and grooming to your hair.

Starting with the simplest, the oil itself do much good to your hair. The same happens with the beer. Continue reading “Natural, homemade masks for your hair”