What Colors to Wear and Look Younger.


What Colors to Wear and Look Younger-http://secretfromus.com/As color brings out the shine whatever skin tone you have. Its shades are between the blue and green. If you have a lighter skin tone, find the perfect turquoise observing the veins in your wrist. If you look more blue or green, then find a turquoise shade leaning towards this color.


What Colors to Wear and Look Younger-http://secretfromus.com/Think something between dark magenta and red. It is proven whoever wears this color she looks much younger. Perfect choice for women with light skin, in which a pastel pink might not look so keen on them.

The New Black (anthracite, dark blue or any other dark color)

What Colors to Wear and Look Younger-http://secretfromus.com/The black sometimes can show the stress, fatigue and imperfections. Something lighter would more suited to a mature skin. You can alternatively select another dark shade. The anthracite for example can flatters you. In addition this color in this year is a trend.

Blue Violet or Blue Lavender

What Colors to Wear and Look Younger-http://secretfromus.com/A color that flatters warm and cold skins, giving plenty of light. A cold blue between blue and violet. Others call it blue and myrtle. It is this nice color you usually choose from spring onwards for your manicure.  A beautiful blue.

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