The New Makeup Silicone Sponge for your Foundation Cream

Α new beauty item is introduced to the world of makeup and it is called silicone makeup sponge.

It looks like more as an implant for breast augmentation than for a product that will assist you in makeup. Yet the Molly Cosmetics company created this new tool to apply your foundation cream and it is silicone. It has already been sold out four times and the company is trying to satisfy its customers.

The reason that it has been fast-seller is obviously that this is one more innovation, but not only that. It is made by silicone and thermoplastic polyurethane, which makes it extremely flexible, so that it can reach all parts of the face.

Moreover, the silicone makeup sponge does not waste at all your foundation cream, as other makeup tools do. Finally, it doesn’t need any special washing. Rinse it with water immediately after the use and it is ready for the next use. We only have to wait for a test.

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