Do you want to get rid of your weight but not get into a strict diet program?

Follow these tips and lose weight smartly. 

  1. Do not leave your house if you have not first consume a healthy, hearty meal. Have a bowl of yogurt with reduced fat, two tablespoons of oats, a few almonds and 1 tsp honey and give in your body the energy it needs to meet the requirements of the day. If you leave the house having an empty stomach, be sure that the process will end up with some fattening food in your hands.
  2. Always have healthy snacks in your bag with few calories and fat. Good solution are fruit (bananas, tangerines, apples), the unsalted nuts (almonds, walnuts), and whole grain cereal bars. In between the main meals be careful to consume one of these snacks. In this way will you remain fuller during the day and you will be easier to avoid dietary temptations.
  3. Water, water, water and goodbye retention. Surely you have read 392,320 times that water is your ultimate ally of your silhouette! Yet for some reason you refuse to consume daily 2 liters which is recommended by nutritionists. Is it time to do so? We do not give you any magic tip just make sure to have always beside you a bottle of water.
  4. Don’t stay fasted for many hours. Keep in your mind that you should consume small amounts of healthy foods at about 4 hours. In this way you will be able to adjust the glucose levels in your body and simultaneously to beat cravings.
  5. Accompany your main plate with green salad and you will see how much full you will feel. Additionally, this will offer to your body many vitamins!
  6. Reduce the amount of salt in your meals and make it taste better by adding spices and herbs. For even better combustion and fast metabolism, add a little cayenne pepper to your dishes mainly.
  7. The chewing gum will be your ally during the days that you want to devour any food lies ahead of you. Studies have shown that the chewing gum reduces appetite and fool the brain. Naturally choose those that do not contain sugar.
  8. For this time (at least) reduce the quantities of alcohol, soft drinks and not fresh juices that you consume during the day. Prefer to drink green tea that helps your body to be detoxified.
  9. Pay attention on what you eat at your dinner. Avoid fried foods, junk food in general and foods that are high in bad fats. A green salad with grilled chicken and some cheese or an omelet with egg whites and vegetables are ideal options to hang your right day.
  10. Finally, if you want even faster results make sure to increase your physical activity. Go for walking, jogging, cycling, or finally take the decision to go to the gym. Good luck!

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