What to Do if You Suspect that He is Cheating on You

When you start feeling jealousy for your partner and losing your trust for him and living in the insecurity, then you may do things that you might regret later. So here is how to handle calmly and efficiently a situation when you have the idea that he has another woman in his life:

Does he behave strangely? The first thing you have to find out is whether he has changed habits. Does he start to pay more attention on his appearance than he does usually? Does he stay more time as usual at his work? Any sudden change in his daily routine is a strong indication that something is going wrong.

How you will react if it is true? There are people who do not want to know about the infidelities of his / her partner and prefer to live in their world. What would you prefer truly do? Because if you want to know what is the truth then you will have to search for evidence and you should be appropriately prepared whatever you will find.

Think clearly: how reasonable are your suspicions? Do you create scenarios and just make up stories in your imagination? You may simply have misunderstood the situations … But if he struggles and sweats to convince you that you’re paranoid, then you should watch out: it’s a classic trick of the men who ususally cheat on their partner to try to make them crazy.

Follow your instinct: Our gut feeling rarely is misleading. If you sense something wrong, then there are chances that you are right. But if only a traumatic experience from your previous relationship that makes questioning the loyalty of your partner, then it may just be too suspicious fear that you may relive the same bad experience.

What if he is innocent? One of the things you should consider is the possibility that you have done wrong. He may be completely loyal to you and be deeply hurt by the fact that you thought he would cheate on you.

Wrong choices: if infidelity is a behaviour that you see often repeated in your emotional life, there is not need to blame yourself for that. What you need is to be more selective on the type of men you choose.

Ask him: sometimes a simple question to find out is enough if there is actually another woman in his life. Some men simply can not stand the lies, while others may be relieved because they will no longer need to hide. However, you need not to attack him: tell him that you started worrying recently and that you would like to discuss it with him. If you start and blame him, this will be put him on defense and may have as aresult to start to blame you that you are unfair or paranoid.

Infidelity is a very painful conclusion. Not only shows disrespect from your partner, but it makes you feel not enough for him. But remember that if he cheats on, he is responsible and must suffer the consequences for his actions. It is not your mistake for his own bad behaviour.

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