Six Hidden Gems in Eastern Europe

There are many more places to visit in Eastern Europe from Prague or Budapest. We present some of the most beautiful cities in the Eastern Eyrope, for a quick trip or long stay.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

The capital of Slovenia is a beautiful architectural puzzle that combines the baroque style with medieval buildings, and get involved with Art Nouveau touches and retro aesthetics of socialist era. Slovenian architect Joze Plecnik designed much of what you will see later worked in Prague, so you could say that Ljubljana was the basis for the Czech capital. Ljubljana has a vibrant student community of the city and the lively cafes next to the river, making it ideal destination for a quick trip. Where to stay: The Bed & Breakfast Atticus in the center of Ljubljana will find rooms from 40 euros per night.

Loket, Czech Republic

This beautiful town is located on a bend of the Ohře River, about four hours away from the capital of the country. The Loket may not be the most famous city in the country, but competes with Prague in beauty. With a castle of the 14th century, a museum of bookbinding and a long tradition in porcelain, the Loket is offered for an (at least) a day trip. Where to stay: Around 10 km away from Loket in Penzion Pod Zámkem you will find rooms from 55 euros.

 Tartu, Estonia

Unlike the capital Tallinn, which bustles with nightlife and tourists, Tartu is a quiet town and regarded as the cultural and spiritual center of the country. It is the oldest city in the country, having been built in 1030 and has some of the best preserved buildings that are still used by the university. In addition to the cafes, bars and restaurants, the city has large squares and a beautiful botanical garden. Where to stay: The Aleksandri Hotel is located in the center of Tartu, close to the Emajõgi River and just a short walk from the old town and shopping centers. There you will find rooms from 42 euros per night.

Bratislava, Slovakia

When Bratislava became the capital of Slovakia there were many reconstruction projects and improvement of the old city. As one of the most inexpensive destinations in Europe for vacation, the city’s tourism rises, in order to approach the standards of Prague one day. In the old town, the endless bars on the Danube, youth groups and nightlife there is no reason not to succeed one day. Where to stay: The Hotel Carpatia Bratislava is located in the foothills of the Little Carpathians, 10 kilometers north of the city and has a special atmosphere. There you can find rooms from 48 euros per night.

Torun, Poland

Torun is the ideal destination for historians, since it is a medieval town in the west of Warsaw, full of impressive buildings and churches, such as St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist. The city is the birthplace of Copernicus and has some of the largest medieval bell towers in Europe, while the old neighborhood of the city is protected by Unesco. Where to stay: At Gotyk in Torun Old Town, about 30 meters from the house of Copernicus, from 40 euros per night.

Kotor, Montenegro

The “New Croatia”, as called Montenegro, made steady progress in recent years thanks to tourism development. The seaside town quite reminiscent of Dubrovnik, since it is surrounded by a medieval wall. The architecture of Kotor, which is deeply influenced by the Venetian, with its narrow streets and attractions such as the cathedral church of St. Tryphon and St. Nicholas Church, gives a unique touch to the city. Where to stay: In the atmospheric Hotel Rendez Vous, is surrounded with the churches St. Luka, St. Nikola and St. Ozana, the Hotel Rendez Vous is located in the central square of the old town of Kotor, from 35 euros per night.

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