4 Ways to Warm Up Your White Space!

White is a clean and minimal color. It is plain but it becomes sometimes easily boring. Learn how you can enhance decorative the most classic color.

In the past, the white color was used exclusively in the context of modern architecture. There were many people, indeed, who considered it a cold color, almost laboratory, a color-neutral energy. However, the white has made comeback in decor. The reason? When it is combined with the appropriate colors, it gives depth, style and unique character in each space. Read how you can break the monotony of the white and create warm and inviting spaces.

50 shades of white Combine close to white tones in the décor of your house, combining ivory, beige and light gray for your furniture. Do you like strong contrasts? Avoid tight black and prefer warmer colors such as dark brown, purple, vivid yellow and gray-charcoal.

Metal objects are the new hot trend and at the same time fit perfectly with white. Prefer objects in dark shades of copper or gold to give your space a discreet flash touch and warmth.

Texture Different textures give life to any neutral space. You can combine soft fabrics with rough wooden furniture or give a feeling of warmth dressing the floor of your space with carpets, or (even better) rugs in off-white shades. Would you like to make your space visually interesting? Leather furniture and faux fur throw pillows will offer this result.

Extra tip: A very good idea to make your white space to look warmer decorate your sofa with beautiful, colorful throws. Not only will they give style but will make the space look and much more cozy.

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