Six Hidden Gems in Eastern Europe

There are many more places to visit in Eastern Europe from Prague or Budapest. We present some of the most beautiful cities in the Eastern Eyrope, for a quick trip or long stay.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

The capital of Slovenia is a beautiful architectural puzzle that combines the baroque style with medieval buildings, and get involved with Art Nouveau touches and retro aesthetics of socialist era. Slovenian architect Joze Plecnik designed much of what you will see later worked in Prague, so you could say that Ljubljana was the basis for the Czech capital. Ljubljana has a vibrant student community of the city and the lively cafes next to the river, making it ideal destination for a quick trip. Where to stay: The Bed & Breakfast Atticus in the center of Ljubljana will find rooms from 40 euros per night. Continue reading “Six Hidden Gems in Eastern Europe”

What to Do if You Suspect that He is Cheating on You

When you start feeling jealousy for your partner and losing your trust for him and living in the insecurity, then you may do things that you might regret later. So here is how to handle calmly and efficiently a situation when you have the idea that he has another woman in his life:

Does he behave strangely? The first thing you have to find out is whether he has changed habits. Does he start to pay more attention on his appearance than he does usually? Does he stay more time as usual at his work? Any sudden change in his daily routine is a strong indication that something is going wrong. Continue reading “What to Do if You Suspect that He is Cheating on You”

What Does a Man to Get Over a Breakup with You?

If you think a man easily and simply forgets the separation, you’re wrong. If he especially accepted the rejection from a woman, this makes it more difficult for him to overcome the separation. 

He drinks and goes out with friends:

Of course he will not have a three-hour discussion about his feelings with their buddies like women do. Boys prefer to go out and drink till the point they drop down, trying to forget the woman who hurted them. Continue reading “What Does a Man to Get Over a Breakup with You?”

8 reasons your next trip needs be to Reykjavik-Iceland

The magical and mysterious island of Iceland is now a not so well kept secret for travelers, who continue discovering every year and more, with a focus on its capital, Reykjavik.

The amazing landscapes, the geothermal lakes, glaciers, the volcanic wonders are just a few of the natural sights of Iceland. In the trendy capital city, however,  you could see even more and do, especially when you consider that between April and June, the city ranks from the 44th position to the 5th, between the cities that most travelers visit, with only Bangkok, Barcelona, Amsterdam and New York to overcome. Continue reading “8 reasons your next trip needs be to Reykjavik-Iceland”

4 Ways to Warm Up Your White Space!

White is a clean and minimal color. It is plain but it becomes sometimes easily boring. Learn how you can enhance decorative the most classic color.

In the past, the white color was used exclusively in the context of modern architecture. There were many people, indeed, who considered it a cold color, almost laboratory, a color-neutral energy. However, the white has made comeback in decor. The reason? When it is combined with the appropriate colors, it gives depth, style and unique character in each space. Read how you can break the monotony of the white and create warm and inviting spaces. Continue reading “4 Ways to Warm Up Your White Space!”

How to check if someone is stealing your WiFi & what you can do!

Wi-Fi at home? Is your internet connection not so good? Instead start blaming your internet provider just check if someone is using your Wi-Fi?

Even if you don’t have it “open” with a password, someone still could find your password (especially if you have not changed the default of the router) and use your connection.

How find out it? Continue reading “How to check if someone is stealing your WiFi & what you can do!”

Depression Treatment: No Effective Results on Educated & Highly Paid Employees!

According to a new scientific research, if one has a well-paid and high-level job position, then it is likely an antidepressant treatment not have effective results. However, the lower-income employees better respond to this.

Researchers from Belgium, Italy, Israel and Austria, led by Laura Mandel of the University of Bologna, who made the announcement at the International Congress of the European College neuropsychopharmacological in Vienna, studied 654 employees, who were receiving antidepressants, especially the widely prescribed class of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI), in which the best known dru.g is “Prozac”. Continue reading “Depression Treatment: No Effective Results on Educated & Highly Paid Employees!”

Popular tourist attractions that hold dark secrets

As tourists, the first thing we usually do is to get informed about the sights that we intend to visit, to learn about the life of our travel destinations, the habits of the locals etc. Only in those cases, usually learn the bright side and not the more “dark” points of those sights. But now,  it’s the time to “expose” some of them.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: built on human exploitation

Dubai may seem at first a bright and modern city, but there are many clouds in its economy, since it was built and continues to be built by exploiting cheap labor from Asia, which violates the human rights. Although it is becoming increasingly well known, there are still a lot of people who are not aware of that.

Pyramids of Giza: the trick with the camels

If you are in Egypt and someone offers you a tour around the pyramids with a camel with just 13 euros, it is likely to accept it to live and experience both the pyramid and the camel. But nobody of them inform you that to … get off the camel, it will take more money and even much more. Continue reading “Popular tourist attractions that hold dark secrets”

9 Cheap Europe’s cities for Fall travel

Autumn travels need not be expensive, as long as we search a bit. We present nine destinations that you will not be “put through” to the rest of the autumn, after a survey from

 Lille, France

The largest city in northern France may not have the glamor of other French cities, but has a warmth and rhythm of life that gives another, more relaxed tone. The main town square with café stores is always full of life, even when it rains. The hotel prices are quite affordable, plus it Lille lies near the border with Belgium and England for extra trips. Continue reading “9 Cheap Europe’s cities for Fall travel”

Is your dismissal coming? Prepare properly!

Have you noticed some things that are happening in your workplace that make you think that your job could be at risk? Have the company’s profits decreased significantly ? Has the company lost major customers? Do you think the new measures of the company will affect you too?

Although many times we have made mention of the importance of positive thinking, it is good to be prepared for what we are almost sure that will come.

Instead of just sitting and feel stressed it is better to start designing your future steps so that any change can not find you unprepared. The hope for the best is the right tactic, however, there are movements that you can do before you lose your job. Continue reading “Is your dismissal coming? Prepare properly!”