Can I eat ice cream when I am on diet?

The summer usually we take care of our body better than in other seasons as the only thing we think is how we will look in our swimsuit when we will be on the beach.

Words such as fat, cellulite, weight come in our mind all the time. And in all this we have the desire for a refreshing ice cream. As much as we want to stay focused on our goal, we can put ice cream out of our mind. However, can we eat ice cream if we are on diet? Or is it too good to be true?

The diet should not be connected to the missing of all our favorite foods. Instead we could have a sweet desire, just be integrated within a healthy diet. In particular a ball cream contains 150 to 120 calories, depending on the ingredient. The simpler it is the ice cream, the fewer calories it has. Also, it is good to know that the stick is less calorific than the cups, provided they do not have chocolate.

What cream is the best choice?

If you are on diet the best option is the cream sorbet and yoghurt ice cream without sugar and fat. But beware, when an ice cream type is 0% or 0% + 0% does not mean that it does not contain calories.

Usually a light ball of ice cream contains about 120 calories, which must also appear on the label on the ice cream with the ingredients. Also keep in mind that you not eating ice cream to stop being hungry, but to satisfy your desire for sweet. This is why we must be careful on quantity and not to skip other meals, because after there would be chance you be hungrier and feel a nervousness. For example, if you eat ice cream during the brunch, it is good to eat also the other meals such as fruit. Besides, with an appropriate diet program, we can integrate all the food in our lives.

Enjoy the summer with your favorite ice cream, without remorse, just remember that you have to consume everything in moderation.

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