Interesting Research: Why has he cheated on you even if he loves you?

Why does a man cheat on you while he does not want to separate you?

1. 48% of men answered that they felt emotional loneliness: No it is not enough reason to make him cheat on you but it is simply a matter of expressing emotions. As we know, the men talk less and do more. Fearing therefore the fight by expressing a complaint to you,  he prefers to break out elsewhere. And in this case, it is s.ex with another woman. To suggest as alternatives the gym and any other nature hobby, which completely excludes the female presence.

2. 66% of men said they feel guilty: And very well done. Indeed guilt might come even once they are … with the other woman, or even soon split with her. We have an idea: Why not try to avoid the awful feeling of guilt, by not doing this for which they will feel guilt after? But of course this would happen in a perfect world!

3. 77% of them responded that their best friend had an affair: And when my dude does, why not do it myself? When you have something so intimate, usually debunk and finally treating it as something much simpler. Especially if the friend is a bit insensitive … and feel proud for all that, the thing becomes more difficult.

4. 40% of men met the other woman at work: And at this point we suggest that it is time men to do only house tasks..! My friend, when in a company there are men and women who spend many hours together, and certainly have common interests, there is no way to avoid being with other woman.

5. Only 12% of men answered that the other woman is most s.exy and beautiful by their partner: But how many times we have to say it? The appearance means nothing but what is important is the different things that the other woman has. He knows how is the s.ex with you. However he does not know the s.ex with his colleague in the opposite office-WHO IS NOT MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN YOU. And unfortunately he will find out.

6. Just the 6% of the men had sex the same night they met the other woman: acquaintance usually held over a month-where there included, texts, words and perhaps outputs for drink-and then, having decided that the other woman is this that they want, then eventually would like to have s.ex with her!

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