The most colorful cities in the world

Exploring new cities is always pleasant for a traveler. When, however, these cities look like they spring from a colorful painting, exploring becomes even more interesting. Countries from around the world, from Chile to South Africa host cities definitely “open” the eye. Let’s meet some.

Burano, Italy

The Burano island is located north of Italy, in the lagoon of Venice and its colors are so intense that look from afar. According to local traditions, local fishermen started to paint their houses in bright colors, in shades of orange, red, yellow and purple, so as to distinguish them when they fish in the fog, to be able to turn back. Plus, this practice became binding by the law and if someone wants to paint the house, should ask permission and paint it with a specific color. Continue reading “The most colorful cities in the world”

Shower in the morning or at night? Harvard University gives the solution!

We have a shower on a daily basis. Before going at work or getting out with our partner/friends, after work or the gym.

And while the shower is a daily habit, none of us expects that when it is targeted at certain times can help our health, depending on the needs that serves.

To understand its impressive results, it is supported that during the shower we wash ourselves 2%, we sing 8% and make decisions 90%. Continue reading “Shower in the morning or at night? Harvard University gives the solution!”

10 signs that he will become a good dad

You are in a serious relationship, you think to get married to him and the discussion comes to children. Yes, he would be interested to become a father. But there is a difference between the interest how he will behave as a father. There are ten things that you need to pay attention: is suitable or not to become father?

1.He helps with the housework: To have assistance and we do not mean from your mom- when in the family one more member is added, is definitely very basic issue. You will relax with his contribution and not worry that the clothes were left over from a day in the washing machine without direct spread… Continue reading “10 signs that he will become a good dad”

Can I eat ice cream when I am on diet?

The summer usually we take care of our body better than in other seasons as the only thing we think is how we will look in our swimsuit when we will be on the beach.

Words such as fat, cellulite, weight come in our mind all the time. And in all this we have the desire for a refreshing ice cream. As much as we want to stay focused on our goal, we can put ice cream out of our mind. However, can we eat ice cream if we are on diet? Or is it too good to be true? Continue reading “Can I eat ice cream when I am on diet?”

Did not you get over your first love? Are you still stuck with him?

Actually, there might not be anything more painful for a young girl than to overcome her first love, and it is not a simple separation since it has to do with the first man who showed her what means love. This is the man with whom you thought that you would spend the rest of your life and you remember a lot of things you did for the first time together.

Now that all this was lost and no longer he exists in your life, you fear that you will never find another worthy or that you will not find happiness in a new relationship.

Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet that will heal your wounds and make you get over your first love. However, giving yourself time to adjust to the new conditions and turning your attention to your actual needs, you will see that things will soon improve. Continue reading “Did not you get over your first love? Are you still stuck with him?”

“My father was hitting me because he thought I was gay!”

Do you consider Arnold Schwarzenegger as … gay? However, his father was thing that, because while most boys in their teens were filling their rooms with posters with sexy women, he had photos of half-naked men and wanted to look like them!

"My father hit me because he thought that I am gay!"- Continue reading ““My father was hitting me because he thought I was gay!””

The most beautiful, “pristine” islands in the world

Crystal clear water and lush green valleys are the images come to our minds when we hear “pristine” islands!

We discovered the most dreamy, friendly to tourists islands where civilization has not yet completely destroyed everything. Meet them! Continue reading “The most beautiful, “pristine” islands in the world”

Why do men chase older women?

Older women will always excite a man. It is like the relationship between teacher and student who finds a perfect fit. A relationship with an older woman compared to a … carefree relationship with a younger woman, read the reasons why young men love older women …

They are independent

One of the reasons that the older women atrract men is their independence. They have not only longer adequate experience to be able to manage a relationship, but also their solitary moments, which makes them comfortable and not intrusive! Commonly, it is said that men stop receiving 50 phone calls per day listening to an angry voice demanding from them to give explanations for everything! Continue reading “Why do men chase older women?”

Wine: How can we consume daily?

The wine is associated with many moments of our lives. It is combined with our food and is connected with our social life. There are clinical studies showing that the logic wine consumption is beneficial to our health, especially when it is part of a diet to standards of the Mediterranean.

The available studies show that moderate wine consumption may benefit our cardiovascular system. Other studies show that men and women who consume 2-7 glasses of wine a week are less likely to develop depression. A large study conducted by the University of Loyola US showed that moderate consumption of red wine may reduce the risk of developing dementia. Continue reading “Wine: How can we consume daily?”

Women who regretted becoming mothers confess

“Miracle”. This is what usually is said when a woman gives birth to a child. From then several other equally wonderful moments follow in the life of both. The first words, first steps, first day at school and the last at home before leaving for studies.

However, among these really wonderful moments, how many other unpleasant can there be? And it is true that may be few moments in the life of a woman who will think “I wish I had not have a child”? Continue reading “Women who regretted becoming mothers confess”