Moments of happiness at home!

Old photos, memorabilia and souvenirs boost our confidence.

The American explorer of the National Geographic, educator and author Dan Buettner turned around the world with his bike to consider the happiest places. Then, he recorded his experiences in books.

In one of them, says that activities such as looking old photos and memorabilia function like balloons for confidence, since they make us look at ourselves positively. So he proposes to “fill” our home with photos, souvenirs, anything to our concert tickets reminds carefree moments from the past. And whenever you need some moments of joy, make them take a look.

The Authors proposes to “mining” our home with photos, souvenirs, anything to our concert tickets reminds carefree moments from the past.

Recently, in fact,  research has been published in which, if we feel awful, the antidote is to gaze at our old photos on Facebook or some magnets from our favorites destinations,the bulletin board in the kitchen with tickets from the concert of Bowie’s 1996 and the wardrobe doors flyers from student life in London and some pictures from the school tour.

And if we already want, we transform the walls of the house in panels that narrate our lives. And as we have a look, both will go up.

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