The “irreplaceable” employee in a job is the ultimately harmful

According to a BBC survey, they hurt both themselves and the general performance of the company where they work in

You are the person that there is always a small crowd around him/her: at the office, outside, everywhere. You go at work first and be the last who leaves. Colleagues come to you for help, even when the problem has nothing to do with work and it is personal. You suffer from the syndrome of the irreplaceable and of course it is not only your fault, but you need to get rid of this immediately.

It is nice to feel that the world needs you, that you have something to offer, that some things are coping so well only you, but according to a BBC survey, to behave like this, it is exhausting for both your body and affects seriously – even if you do not understand – your work performance.

According to Lorraine Tilbury, founder of the company’s business planning and human resources management “HorsePower International”, the serious problems begin once the employee stops, forgets or no longer cares to say “no” to everything is asked for, especially if a colleague is asking for your help to cope with the volume of work saying “please it is better to undertake this, because you will do better than others.”

Workout in saying “no” with a smile. Colleagues will always be stressful and overload of work and always will ask you something kind, tender and weary, in ways, that is, hardly able to manage only with the affirmation. But try to deny it with the same sweet way as they ask you, that is.

As she explains especially the second is a brilliant way that is used in business, both to encourage employees to initiate and carry out difficult projects, and an oblique way competitive climate culture that raises the work group performance.

Tilbury advises to immediately give up some obligations and if you unlearn to say “no” to work, then work out saying “no” first out of the office, doing small experiments and exercises in your daily life: for example, go to a store, ask the salesperson absolutely a certain type, color and size of a clothe that you like and if she turns back to something similar, but not what you asked, do not enter the process to negotiate it. Say “no” and leave the store without buying anything, that you do not like  fro the beginning.

“Also, workout to say” no “with a smile. Colleagues will always be stressful and always will ask you something kind, tender and weary, in ways, that is, hardly able to manage only with the affirmation. But try to deny the same sweet as they ask you, that is. If the sense of feel indispensable to others is a way to feel that you deserve to work and with your first “no” you feel the frustration and not the person who receives it, unfortunately, you are in a very scary point in your life, which you need to leave it immediately, ” Tilbury concludes.

According to a survey conducted some time ago by the University of Arizona and a sample of 138 people with the characteristics of the “irreplaceable” employee- based on questionnaires – appears as the one with the highest performance at work and with most chances successful career in the field. This, however, is for a specified period and up to the “necessary” to begin to forget the boundaries between the needs of his/her own work and the servicing problems of rounds.

According to Martin Kilduff, head of research and work behavior professor at the University UCL of London, to be able for long to solve problems within a company, it is an indisputable administrative skill, but from a point in time after the detriment of talented employee initially presents bending to his/her own work and then simply collapses.

At the same time the Department of Management of the Royal College of London, and according to Professor Mark Kennedy, has long faced this work syndrome, as a serious pathogenesis in business and not as yet a phenomenon that can be observed in high labor requirements spaces.

“It is advisable to avoid the temporary rewards of gratitude, which makes it difficult for an employee to avoid the temptation to solve problems for others, even though he knows he will make it. With the pass of time, he becomes the problem for the company, exhausting himself, canceling the liability that his position has and changing the existence of a kind of saint of his work, with absolutely pathogenic relationships both with colleagues and with his superiors” , the professor explains.

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