What should men want from a woman

Large breasts, no nagging, no demands: those are what most men would like for the ideal woman. However the actual characteristics each male should wish her beloved to have are more! Let’s see!

He should want a woman who can cope by her own, a powerful woman, a woman who does not need to call him every time she has a problem. This should be looked for by the males. Instead of them, males look for girls who can not have a serious discussion with them.

http://secretfromus.com/He should want a woman who gives him incentive to become better!

The spoiled; especially men who have grown into laziness: They prefer to live ensconced beneath the wings of their mother’s, who serves the food on a plate and never grumbled them. When they find a woman to run, she motivates them (to apply for a good job, to complete studies or to learn a foreign language). However, they get nervous, they feel few and tired.

http://secretfromus.com/He should want a smart woman:

A woman of low intelligence, are easy to handle, does not have many demands and can even easier to mock. Therefore only certain and few males choose being with smart women.

http://secretfromus.com/He should want a woman who experiments and tests:

You want to climb the Himalayas, to learn surfing, to start yoga, and he simply feels bored. Men are creatures of habit. If he has not learned to go to cinema, he would prefer to eat a popcorn life on the couch. How then to endure in his life, a woman who all want to learn something new, who does not merely habit and routine.

http://secretfromus.com/Certainly he wants a woman:

* Who is worthy of trust and don’t cheat on him.

* Who loves him for what he is.

* Who leaves time for hobbies and friends: rarely find women willing to let the men have their own time in the day.

* Who supports him in both happy and hard times: because women easily will stay with him in good days but in hardly pressed disappear.

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