Lose belly fat with an express workout

What is the part of the body that the majority of the women in the world would like to disappear forever? Of course, these irritating side fat around our belly.

But everything is in our hands to get rid of this and the way is very simple. And if you’re a fan of the gym, wear your leggings and your shoes, open your computer, follow step by step the following program and say goodbye to a the belly fat forever. Continue reading “Lose belly fat with an express workout”

The impressive new advertisement of Apple Watch 2!

I think you have been informed so far that the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are waterproof with IP68 certification (like the Apple Watch 2). Apple released few days ago not one, but two new ads that actively promote … the waterproof qualities of both models combined with their advanced imaging capabilities.

But what about the equally waterproof Apple Watch Series 2; As classic Apple Watch fans, we spotted the new advertising company from Cupertino for its impressive clock and – obviously – we present it. Continue reading “The impressive new advertisement of Apple Watch 2!”

Moments of happiness at home!

Old photos, memorabilia and souvenirs boost our confidence.

The American explorer of the National Geographic, educator and author Dan Buettner turned around the world with his bike to consider the happiest places. Then, he recorded his experiences in books.

In one of them, says that activities such as looking old photos and memorabilia function like balloons for confidence, since they make us look at ourselves positively. So he proposes to “fill” our home with photos, souvenirs, anything to our concert tickets reminds carefree moments from the past. And whenever you need some moments of joy, make them take a look. Continue reading “Moments of happiness at home!”

Is your partner bored by you? The signs that show it!

This is because the relationships end sometimes. And it is not the best to reach at separation. How can you save your relationship or marriage…? There are some signs that indicate that your partner has to get bored.

What are these? Continue reading “Is your partner bored by you? The signs that show it!”

Sgnl: The smart strap that will replace your handset!

Let’s see something revolutionary (if it is true of course) now? Meet Sgnl, a new project that seems to have come out of a science fiction movie and promises to give us the ability to make calls … through our wrist!

This is practically a “smart” watch strap which manufacturers seek public funding to implement and be massively released. It allows, according to them, the users to make a call “through their fingers.” The strap will be connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth and uses the body vibrations to send audio signals through the hand. The basic technology behind Sgnl, is called Body Conduction Unit and operates by transmitting and enhancing the sounds around the human body and make essentially our finger … acoustic! Continue reading “Sgnl: The smart strap that will replace your handset!”

Let’s renew our house for the Autumn!

It’s nice when you come from you holidays to have this mood to refresh your house in order to welcome the winter in a warm environment with new elements.

Some things we can do for this purpose are:

Let us renew our house for Fall-http://secretfromus.com/

Let’s renew the colors. Painting walls or changing upholstering furniture or even adding some objects in bright colors make the house to show renewed. It’s better to choose neutral colors and natural because a big change can lead us to have to change the whole space. Continue reading “Let’s renew our house for the Autumn!”

The most luxurious cities with fairytale lakes

Cities “magical” all over the world that “earn” the visitors and impress them from the first minute, with their natural beauty, luxury villas and their lovely lakes …

The most luxurious cities fairytale lakes-secretfromus.com

Stresa, Italy

The villas of the nineteenth century, including Villa Pallavicino and Villa Vignolo, with gardens and classical Mediterranean architecture, which dominate there, are not only impressive buildings, but also tourist attractions. One of the historic hotels that will impress you is also the Grand Hotel Des Iles Borromees. Continue reading “The most luxurious cities with fairytale lakes”

The 10 items that must remove immediately from your bedroom!

Surely the majority of the bedrooms you have seen are full of color, heavy curtains, stuffed clothes everywhere and trying to run away from the closet. Girls why you do this? How can you enjoy a restful sleep in such a room?

The decoration rules are not stupid when they say that the bedroom should be on of the most empty rooms of a house. Apart from your mind and your body, your eyes must also get rest. So you immediately start empting it! Continue reading “The 10 items that must remove immediately from your bedroom!”

The power of love and friendship

It is amazing how much they influence our health and emotional situation. 

Good family relationships, love, harmonious social interactions and friends offer us better quality of life. Many studies have shown that chronic deleterious stress and strain on the body are reduced in people with strong family and social support circle.

Let’s do a review of interesting data emerging from various studies concerning the power of the love and friendship: Continue reading “The power of love and friendship”

The “irreplaceable” employee in a job is the ultimately harmful

According to a BBC survey, they hurt both themselves and the general performance of the company where they work in

You are the person that there is always a small crowd around him/her: at the office, outside, everywhere. You go at work first and be the last who leaves. Colleagues come to you for help, even when the problem has nothing to do with work and it is personal. You suffer from the syndrome of the irreplaceable and of course it is not only your fault, but you need to get rid of this immediately.

It is nice to feel that the world needs you, that you have something to offer, that some things are coping so well only you, but according to a BBC survey, to behave like this, it is exhausting for both your body and affects seriously – even if you do not understand – your work performance.

According to Lorraine Tilbury, founder of the company’s business planning and human resources management “HorsePower International”, the serious problems begin once the employee stops, forgets or no longer cares to say “no” to everything is asked for, especially if a colleague is asking for your help to cope with the volume of work saying “please it is better to undertake this, because you will do better than others.” Continue reading “The “irreplaceable” employee in a job is the ultimately harmful”