These applications make your battery not last longer

Many of the apps we use make our device consumes a lot of energy

Even if manufacturers place large batteries in the smartphones in the future or the consumption of upcoming SoC becomes limited, the autonomy of a device will always depend on the use that is made.

Many of the apps that we use everyday, make our device consumes much energy, activating eg GPS, push notifications, but are also more “hungry” for energy power states of the processor.

The “instant messengers” and applications related to social media are largely responsible for the … squeezed out of your battery.

So if you experience autonomy problem, you may need to remove some -or more- of the following applications:

1. Facebook

2. Google Maps

3. Facebook Messenger

4. Instagram

5. Blackberry Messenger

6. Chaton

7. Kik

8. WhatsApp

9. WeChat

10. The last app which deserves special mention is the GO Pokémon.

The application, in addition to that has caused frenzy in ages, causing them to keep their device permanently active, they are by nature intensive: has a three-dimensional graphics that require the GPU to work harder, is directly dependent on the GPS while natural to operate and requires the activation of the data connection.

Besides, it is no coincidence that several patents have already been released … targeting Maniacs players Pokémon GO as separate powerbank and special battery case.

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