Seven questions that must be answered before the couples have a child

Children are happiness but before a couple make the decision to have a child must first think very seriously … This is because these adorable and tiny creatures that are part of yourself are your great responsibility. So how will you know if you are ready to become parents?

Here are the questions that must all couples to answer before having a baby! We thought about what to do about the baby beyond saying how sweet and beautiful it is. Babies are adorable, but require program. Continue reading “Seven questions that must be answered before the couples have a child”

4 types of men who must avoid!

What do you remember from your teenage years? Of course, your mom, grandmother, aunt telling you that your life will have to find a good guy. Years time passed and you still looking for a good guy.

And while you learn to avoid the bad guys who are obvious from miles away, there are some seemingly good men who seem – but are not!

Nowadays, placed on rank four types of men that it is advisable to immediately avoid just discern the following features onto them! Behold: Continue reading “4 types of men who must avoid!”

What are the disadvantages when you recharge your mobile phone all night

On the question of whether to recharge your mobile phone for the entire evening, an article in «New York Times» comes to answer it and alarm those who have this habit.

As shown, the frequent and long charging a mobile phone is hurting lithium ion batteries of smartphones and the reason is not because they are charged more than they need. As explained in US newspaper chargers production company spokesperson: “The smarphones is indeed” smart “. They know when to stop charging. ” Continue reading “What are the disadvantages when you recharge your mobile phone all night”

Northern Catalonia – France: Pyrenean and Mediterranean corner

Where the foot of the Pyrenees cool off from the Mediterranean Sea and France conversing with Spain, four seaside Diamonds North (French) Catalonia welcome you to their spectacular microcosm.

In the south of France, starting with informal city Perpignan, a narrow coastal road axis running across the rocky coastline Cote Vermeille to reach, after a few tens of exciting kilometers, the northern border of Spain.

Covering most of the Mediterranean coast in the border region of southern France, the winding D 914 is considered by many a miniature version of the famous street in Costiera Amalfitana, Italy.

Determinant in the geomorphology of the area, the Pyrenees Mountains, which at this point France “dip” in the turquoise waters so steep and spectacular.

The natural scenery of the coastal path? Unforgettable. Small sandy beaches, vertical gorges, green valleys, sheltered coves and blue panoramic landscapes are revealed at every turn, while the human presence into this little corner of France is located in elegant spas and sunny traditional settlements. Continue reading “Northern Catalonia – France: Pyrenean and Mediterranean corner”

How much water should you drink to lose more weight

A very important factor for the weight loss is water.

Especially in summer, it is necessary for the proper functioning of the body and the prevention of dehydration.

Additional water helps significantly to weight loss. According to research that has been done, women who increased their water consumption during dieting lost more weight than women who drank less than a liter of water a day.

Regarding the ideal amount of water one should drink to hydrate and increase weight loss rates, adult men should consume 3.7 liters of water per day and women 2.7 liters of water per day. Continue reading “How much water should you drink to lose more weight”

4 tested steps to make him fall in love with you!

You meet a guy and start dating, everything goes well, you feel more in love than ever and this is when insecurities begin. Does he have the same feelings for me as I have for him? Does he like me as I like him?

Except that it is too early to know what the other feels about you, think of the positive side of things. You are in the initial stage, practically this means that you have to be somewhat careful in what you say and do, but your character to make him to fall in love faster than you think so. Continue reading “4 tested steps to make him fall in love with you!”

What happens if you stop eating white bread!

Most people eat the traditional white bread. That bread with white flour, which certainly does not belong in the category of foods that get praise. Please be aware that the healthiest choice is the flour-and generally the FEEDINGSTUFFS are wholegrain.

Suppose, then, that “cut knife” white bread from your diet, what will happen to you? See the following responses to this question … Continue reading “What happens if you stop eating white bread!”

These applications make your battery not last longer

Many of the apps we use make our device consumes a lot of energy

Even if manufacturers place large batteries in the smartphones in the future or the consumption of upcoming SoC becomes limited, the autonomy of a device will always depend on the use that is made.

Many of the apps that we use everyday, make our device consumes much energy, activating eg GPS, push notifications, but are also more “hungry” for energy power states of the processor. Continue reading “These applications make your battery not last longer”