5 signs that this man is not for relationship

You met him, you liked him, you had 5 appointments with him and discovered that he is the man of your life! So far so good, but you have to consider many other things.

So this man may be handsome and charming, his behaviour to you may be perfect, but you realize that something goes wrong with him. In short, while both of you harmoniously tie, he does talk about something more serious, and of course we do not mean about marriage!

He may be nice when you go out or when have sex, if you have, but when you send him one text for good morning you will neither receive a response or even if he answers his answer in no case will be sweet …!

Do you know why? Is just this man not for a relationship and does he want just to get well with you for a while? See below for some signs that indicate this and the conclusions are yours …

1. Priority is his work: If he at any occasion restates again that everything about him in this period of his life is his job and how he manages to get as high as possible job position, you don’t need much to understand? Of course we don’t mean that when you are in love you give up everything, but when your job goes over the person with whom you go and anyway have developed a certain relationship, then there is a high probability that he is actually in love with his work and for you not literally gives a damn! After all, with this way he made you clear his priorities. The mistake is purely your own if you stay with him waiting him to offer you something that neither he can nor he wants to offer.

2. Occasionally he remembers you: The women have a bad perception: they believe that when have a date with a man, that they automatically have a relationship with him. So they start sending texts and making calls! But this man is nor prepared for this nor want that! So when you send him at least 5 messages per day, and his answer is standard and nothing more, then why would you believe that he wants something more with you? You have shown him what you want, and from there, either you continue in a cool way, or stop any contact with him!

3. He does not want to sleep together: Let us clarify that in case he wants to sleep together, and again does not mean anything, but things are even darker when he clearly shows it to you! By proposing him to sleep at your home and finds a bunch of excuses to avoid it, for example that he has problem with your mattress? Then you want something else to understand that this man is not going to fulfill your cravings for connection and bugs? Also, avoid calling your home with the excuse that it is broken, for example, the toilet or the min will bring the lady to clean? Do not be silly. He just does not want you to be stuck with him all the time, so he finds ways to avoid you.

4. Outside like two strangers: In your intimate moments are sweet and loving, and when you go out, almost always with friends, he behaves like he doesn’t know you? Yes it is absolutely normal and there is no reason nor distress nor reflection. You have no relationship with him, you are not his girlfriend and simply has no obligation to behave you tenderly! We did not mean to insult you and allegedly bad, but if you show that you two have nothing above and in any case you are not a couple, why does he pretend otherwise?

5. Sex is for his own pleasure: Again we say that there are men who take it selfishly and do everything to satisfy their partner just to confirm themselves as lovers. However, most often the sex has to do purely with his own satisfaction and is completely irrelevant whether you enjoyed it. You can of course tell him and give some tips on what you like or what not! But to be honest with you, if he gets satisfaction he will not try to satisfy you, because he doesn’t care for you.

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