These are the 10 most beautiful heavenly beaches in the world!

There is nothing better in the summer than the relaxing time on the beach. From the tropical climate of Hawaii, to the landscape breathtaking in Australia and the beautiful beaches of Greece, every place is unique and idyllic.

The travel editor Anna Bretz chose the 10 best beaches in the world. Lets see what are those.

Hawaii, Lanikai Beach

With a name that means “heavenly sea” in Hawaiian, the Lanikai beach has crystal clear waters, while thanks to the presence of an offshore reef the water is so serene that you think they’re in the pool (but much better). Continue reading “These are the 10 most beautiful heavenly beaches in the world!”

Wifi Catalogue: New era in digital catalogue & menu

The WifiCatalogue is an original information service via wifi, addressed mainly to catering and accommodation enterprises.

The uniqueness lies with its simplicity, as no installation required on the client device, thereby reducing the final cost of implementation for the business. Continue reading “Wifi Catalogue: New era in digital catalogue & menu”

How to know if your friend is jealous of you

Jealousy is an emotion full of poison! It is advisable therefore to recognize the signs of it and not be influenced by the opinion of friends in envy!

Always she used to be successful and enjoy the admiration of everyone. She finished her studies before you, she quickly found job, she got married relatively early while her body would envy each female. Until your promotion with the love of your life come to you! Selfishness does not allow her to praise you while her fake smile and her cool eyes show how jealous she is. Continue reading “How to know if your friend is jealous of you”

Yet the office work is just as dangerous to health as smoking!

That sedentary work has negative effects on health generally is something that everyone knows.

However, a new survey of more than one million employees, published in the prestigious medical journal Lancet, found that sedentary work for at least eight hours a day increases the risk of early death by even 60%! Continue reading “Yet the office work is just as dangerous to health as smoking!”

Swimming in the most bizarre beaches of the world!!

Red, Pink, black sand, strange rocks, giant dunes and various other strange happening in the following beaches. Are you ready to explore them?

Pink Sands Beach, Island Harbour, Bahamas

The Harbour Island is approximately 5.5 km long and 2.5 km wide, but as small as it may sound, has one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. The Pink Sands Beach spans nearly five kilometers on the eastern coast of the island and has something very special: pink sand. The sand is a mixture of classical white sand and red shells that give it its pink hue. Continue reading “Swimming in the most bizarre beaches of the world!!”

8 things that attractive people do

1. Smile … a lot! They are people who love life in all its manifestations. They like to be challenged and enjoy the joy of success. They do not afraid to share their joy, which is evident on their faces, making them particularly attractive.

2. They take care of their outfit. Good dressing does not require spending a lot of money, but it requires care and attention. It requires watching the fashion trends, but apply only what suit you. It requires knowing when to get dressed in overalls and sometimes with official clothes, to suit the environment. Continue reading “8 things that attractive people do”

8 tips that will help the diet you just started

Make the process easy with the most simple tips!

Perhaps you think that weight loss is associated only with the hard workout at the gym accompanied with a strict diet. But what you should know is that the details are what make the difference. And the good news is that you can relax and not put yourself in a “painful” process!

To see some simple tips that will help! Continue reading “8 tips that will help the diet you just started”

A fairytale trip to Sintra!

A tourist town of Portugal, and not unjustly with many of the visitors to characterize it as a fairytale. The romantic buildings with architecture of the 19th century might help in this characterization and this city is included in the directory of Unesco as World Heritage.

Many holidaymakers located in Lisbon visit as it is just 45 minutes by train from it. (If you are there in season it would be best to have timely care for your ticket). Palácio Nacional de Sintra, Palacio da Pena, Castelo dos Mouros are some of the sights you will see arriving in the beautiful city of Portugal with the Palácio Nacional de Sintra to be the best preserved mediaeval Royal Palace in Portugal. It is a major tourist attraction, and is part of the cultural landscape of Sintra, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Continue reading “A fairytale trip to Sintra!”

How to save yourself from the corporate emails on vacation

It’s been at least a quarter of a century since the first email sent, with a respectable percentage of people receive about 20 emails a day. However, the “rules” of sending or receiving emails at hours off work, during also holidays, are like unclear yet. In particular, now that the smartphone technology offers the possibility of checking email from anywhere any time of day.

An average professional receives more than 50 up to 100 -in some cases emails a day, according to research. Continue reading “How to save yourself from the corporate emails on vacation”

6 Mistakes that Make your House look Smaller!

These errors occur even in the larger houses …!

As you well know, every centimeter in the decor and layout of each room counts. And this is true for any person who ever had to decide which is the correct or the most appropriate layout and arrangement of furniture in the house. And this may seem more obvious in areas that have less square, but can be as big problem even in places where the square centimeters … are more.

Fortunately for us, the German Wimdu residential rental decided to share with us the ‘hidden’ secrets. Recently, in fact, presented a list of six most commonly mistakes that most homeowners thereby “diminish” their space. Let’s see? Continue reading “6 Mistakes that Make your House look Smaller!”