How important is our appearance at work?

You may already think that the style and beauty affect you professionally, but how exactly your appearance while on duty affects your progress?

Past studies have shown that attractive women are treated in a hostile manner by their colleagues but gaining ground when their supervisor is a man. But what about the less well appeared by nature employees?

New research by the University of Michigan is revealing! The less attractive people are more likely to be confronted with workplace bullying, compared with the beautiful appearances, having to do with harsh comments, perhaps derision. Undertake the most demanding tasks and usually victimized. Continue reading “How important is our appearance at work?”

Incredible story: How this young man became rich at 16 year old?

When Ted Nash was 16 years decided to create an app … in order to test the Apple Store. He called it «Fit or fugly» and argued that this can be scientifically analyze the photos of your friends and determine whether they are attractive or not.

It was a simple and funny application, but as people buy iPhone and experimenting with the App Store, the «Fit or fugly» became so popular.

The application has been downloaded over 6 million times and received 180.000 downloads in a day. Nash charged applying $ 1 and earned 126,000 dollars. In just one day. Not bad for a 16 year old who lived in a farmhouse in Somerset and experimenting with the App Store.

But Nash did not stop there. He took a lot of money from the «Fit or fugly», later renamed FaceRate, but released and another application that created reactions, the «Little Gossip», which allowed people to publish anonymous comments online. Continue reading “Incredible story: How this young man became rich at 16 year old?”

25 Simple Secrets for a long relationship!

How easy it is to have a long term relationship? When we enter into a relationship, all our hope is it to last many years and to be together with our partner for a long time (if not forever!) The relationships, however, require constant attention, care and work.

If you can understand it and accept the need for constant care in the relationship, then you are on track. However, apart from this there are some other simple secrets that can lead you to a long relationship. Continue reading “25 Simple Secrets for a long relationship!”

The Do’s and Don’ts of a balanced diet!

How can we formulate a balanced diet and what steps we must follow if we want our bodies and our health be in harmony? 

We receive almost daily tips about one week diets that promise to help us lose easily weight or disappear magically the cellulite.

Expert nutritionists show us some nutritional secrets to follow a proper program throughout the year. Continue reading “The Do’s and Don’ts of a balanced diet!”

Nothing is taken for granted, even not yourself!

Do you feel that he takes you for granted by doing him all favors? Do you give more than you get and this affects you psychologically? Do not worry, read the 5 + 1 ways to win back his attention, but mainly your self-esteem.

Wise people say that when love enters through the door, the ego leaves the window. But if he takes you for granted then the wrong is mostly yours. If this happens, perhaps because you made him to consider it and any other man that comes to your life thinks the same, it is big mistake! If you redo excuses …. But if you step on every guy, you probably should be your regular revisions. Continue reading “Nothing is taken for granted, even not yourself!”

6 Economic Decorative Tips for Smart Renewal!

Are there tips for renewal that will make your home look more expensive than your decoration budget? Of course there are! Read.

Do not snubbed the offers! The best way to get expensive pieces without spending a fortune as discounts. Next time, then, you see an item that will amaze you, you have to ask a salesperson if seasonal, if in stock as if this subject will continue to be produced or not. That way, you can get information on the baseline, calculate the approximate percentage of discount and to prepare your wallet … until the official price drop! Continue reading “6 Economic Decorative Tips for Smart Renewal!”

Unique Nut “melts” the belly fat!

A new study by the American Heart Association highlights the snack that is ideal for those who want to lose fat from the belly.

The fat in the belly is more dangerous than fat in other parts of the body, as it is close to several vital organs.

By choosing the nut against foods containing carbohydrates contribute significantly to reducing the risk of heart disease by reducing abdominal fat. Continue reading “Unique Nut “melts” the belly fat!”

9 Truths about Men from their Birth!

It is said that some things do not change and this phrase is applied in many cases. Even in men.

If you think, what the small boys were saying to you when you were small girl, you see the same even today in men with whom you leave.

Believe it or not it’s true and the confirms it. Continue reading “9 Truths about Men from their Birth!”

Men prefer smart women..but not a relationship with them.

Men are charmed by smart women, but in reality would not come out appointments with them.

According to a new study to be published in the journal «Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin», men scare the idea to make relationship with a woman who is smarter than them.

Researchers of the American universities of Buffalo, Texas and California Lutheran conducted a survey to discover the feminine characteristics that fascinate men and what they concluded is that they vary depending on how realistic they find a relationship with a woman. In other words, they can be seduced by a clever woman, but would not necessarily have a relationship with her. Continue reading “Men prefer smart women..but not a relationship with them.”

Robots have replaced 60,000 employees in Foxconn company in China

Robots do not suffer accidents, do not suicide nor claim compensation and better working conditions.

So understandably the Foxconn replaced 60,000 employees with robots in recent years, reducing its workforce from 110,000 to 50,000 people.

According revealing reportage of Anglophone «South China Morning Post», the Taiwanese-Chinese company that supplies electronic components to Apple and Samsung is not the only industrial Kunshan region of Tzangksou province, which plans to replace a large part of workers with engines.

They intend to do likewise at least another 600 workers reducing the labor costs. Economically advantageous perfectly, since the machines are not killed, including 146 workers who blew a factory area two years ago. The robot also do not complain if abused or driven to suicide, as many employees of Foxconn, who could not stand the medieval working conditions and housing. Continue reading “Robots have replaced 60,000 employees in Foxconn company in China”