Do you suffer from insomnia? Do this exercise before bedtime!

Insomnia is a common problem, which is not a disorder itself, but it is usually a symptom of another problem.

When someone suffers from ….insomnia, is unable to sleep the hours needed to wake feeling refreshed. Each of us requires a different amount of sleep so insomnia is defined mainly by the quality of sleep and how we feel after waking than the number of hours we sleep or how fast do to sleep.

If you suffer from insomnia, it is likely that: the difficulty for you to sleep even if you are tired, the difficulty to go back to sleep if for some reason you wake up during the night, the fact that you often wake up at night, or wake up earlier than that you would like in the morning and although you do not have rest, you can not go back to sleep. Your sleep does not relax you and the next day you feel exhaustion and drowsiness or it is based on hypnotics or anti-anxiety pills to sleep.

There may be various causes of insomnia the insomnia can be due to various cause, other organic and other psychological.

Because as mentioned above, the insomnia is a symptom of another problem, it is important to find out what is the problem, so that insomnia be faced efficiently. Specifically, insomnia may result in drugs that you receive and have this side effect (antidepressants, painkillers containing caffeine, corticosteroids, some antihypertensives).

In some diseases such as hyperthyroidism, Parkinson’s disease, asthma, renal failure

In unsuitable environmental conditions (such as noise, uncomfortable environment)

Stress that can result from personal or professional life

In anxiety or excessive worry

In a recent traumatic experience

In Depression Stress, anxiety is the most common and common causes of insomnia. But insomnia usually worsens the symptoms of these disorders, so if insomnia comes from psychological causes you should sought for therapy. More likely, however, if insomnia doesn’t come from environmentally causes, then the organic insomnia does not exist but there are psychogenic causes.

Dealing with Mindfulness. If you suffer from insomnia and think that stress, your mood or your general psychological situation has to do with it, it would be advantageous to manage to steer clear of your thoughts. Our thoughts related to our emotions and how our body functions.

Often we do not realize immediately what thoughts can cause us stress. This is because the negative thoughts have an automatic and it is easier for us to identify how we feel or understand the tension and tightness in our body.

Other times, the thoughts are more visible and we feel our minds to ‘run’ without stopping after going to bed. The practice of Mindfulness, according to several surveys, helps address many problems, such as stress. Latest research suggests that it could be just as effective in treating insomnia. Mindfulness before bedtime. Bring all your attention on the act of breathing. Begin to watch your breath as it enters your nose, travels to your lungs, making your breasts and your belly to swell and as it leaves your nose, relax the chest and your abdomen. Do not try to change anything in the way you breathe.

If you observe, that invading thoughts that distract your attention from the breath, notice them, recognize them and allow them to exist, gently returning your attention to the breath. Observe the sensations that you feel in your body. Begin your feet and gradually move towards the head, scanning the body for any unpleasant or another sense. If you notice some tension, send visualize your breath at this point to take care of it.

Try to see every experience or feeling in your body, in a manner not critical. Often the criticism that we submit to our experience, eg “I feel again tension, I will not sleep,” or “why do I feel pain on my feet?” increases the intensity and our frustration without our help. Instead of this send love and understand your body and your experience. Try to steer clear of your thoughts. The human mind does not stop ever thinking, but you can learn to have distance from your thoughts so that they are not the focus of your experience.

In order to practice your mind at this distance when you notice that your thoughts do not let you settle down before bedtime, you might say to yourself: “This is just a thinking and thoughts do not represent the reality. There is no need to do anything about this thought. I leave it alone. I will not try to control it or avoid this thought. I will not worry about it. There is no need to react in any way. ”

Perhaps it would help to see your thoughts like clouds in the sky. The clouds come and go and can not do anything about it. It is part of a self-regulated system is not possible or necessary to stop or to banish them. Even if we could it would destroy the balance of nature. There must be left in their space and passive seeing them, as they change and move independently of us and our actions.

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