It is not my job to do

When the above is your first thought every time you listen new tasks or proposal to work, you first need to think about priorities, incentives and options.

Admittedly, we are touching a very sensitive issue, since several companies and organizations, many workers end up working (mostly without financial consideration) more times than the allowed time, let alone “running” tasks additionally agreed. Commonly, one worker corresponds almost three jobs. Does it sound exaggerated? Maybe not …

The objection, according to research says that 71% of employers agree that when a worker says that “It is not my job to do,” this is interpreted by them as “I do not want you to keep in mind for promoting or increase”.

If so, the time of the assessment reached in the form of a question in a job interview masking or award additional duties at work, or what your attitude? The actions and intentions speak for themselves, whatever the statistics, in any country, in any conditions. Hence, if you refuse duties or put your best not to you “in mind”, then you build your stagnation. And to emphasize: not your stability ?? your stagnation.

If you wait, with this in mind, the potential employer, boss or your colleague to see you that you will be able tomorrow to build and invest, then surely err. The first words you can think of, is that on your face the above just looking to upload powers to get rid of yourself, take advantage of your good your disposal, etc. This however, leads to a dead end only.

So how will you respond if you are asked to work outside the framework of action, habituation or habit? First, get your discretion and consider the real reason you intend to spontaneously refuse extra duties. If you feel insecure about the successful application of these duties, you can not find meaning in this or think that you are wasting time, just talk. Maybe get tips, you get another perspective of utility, a helping hand, to comfort and time to experiment. If you feel that you need someone to collaborate to produce better results, argue and support your opinion with proposals.

Alternatively, you can suggest and you wish powers, with a view to show off your skills! What better indeed than to accomplish something with passion for your subject, so more quickly and efficiently? Due to the above, are more likely to not only trained, but also to be directed at a senior role.

Conversely, if these appear insipid and try to avoid them, you already know why. Just make the right questions to yourself and “take action” (if possible in the conditions you experience on this). Ask for a review of the role you already have or being proposed or search for your next step in the market.

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