What does the voice reveal for your health?

We rarely observe the changes occurring in our voice … and even more rarely worry about them. An infection or stress of voice can lead to such changes, but it is possible to indicate and a serious health problem. The changes in tone of voice occur when changing the shape of the vocal cords, or the distance between them.

1. Rough voice

It may indicate gastroesophageal reflux disease. The acid reflux from the stomach to the esophagus may reach the throat and neck. The throat irritation from the acids makes the voice more rough, and the vocal cords swell and physiological vibrations that carry altered.

2. Nasal voice

It is a typical symptom of a cold, when the nasal cavity blocks. However, if the voice is permanently so may result from chronic rhinosinusitis, i.e., inflammation of the paranasal sinuses due to infection, allergy or immune reactions to some environmental stimulus.

3. Deep / soft voice

Changes in voice may also indicate a malfunction of the thyroid. Subsequent hormonal disorders can affect the voice, which is usually deeper. Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism can also lead to a weakening of the voice as to its intensity.

4. Monotone voice

Reduced tone of voice is often an indication of Parkinson. Approximately 90% of parkinsonian patients exhibit changes in the voice.

5. Hoarse voice

The symptom is common in the case of laryngitis and can persist up to a week longer than the other accompanying symptoms. However, in the early stages of cancer of the larynx, the tumor volume can affect the normal function of the vocal cords, the voice becomes rough.

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