How to read people’s faces

For centuries people have tried to understand the aspects of a person’s character …just observing him.

The ancient Chinese believed that the person is a reflection of our inner world. There still exists the perception that some aspects of the person may allow us to form a first impression of others. Although they are numerous points of a person that can be analyzed, lets stand on the main of them.

Shape. Round face: People with round face shape are considered emotional, sensitive and affectionate. They have strong sexual fantasies and enjoy stable and lasting relationships. Oblong: Those oblong face is rather practical, methodical and tend to tire easily. They are more likely to have muscular or athletic physique, which for some means also narcissism, which can cause problems in relationships.

Square: A square face is associated with fire and may mean that the person who has this face shape is aggressive, ambitious, bossy and has absolute and analytical mind and strong determination. Triangular: These face shapes traditionally associated with thin body type and mental character. The Chinese believe this face shape indicative of creativity and sensitivity and the fiery temperament. The front wide forehead is supposed to be a sign of intelligence and practicality, but also means that the person has imagination and many ideas.

If a person has a flat forehead, this indicates that is realistic, reasonable and expressed in deeds. When someone has an excessive “big forehead is rather dreamer and needs constant action plan to satisfy his ambitions.

Eyes. It is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. The shape of the eyse can help you understand enough about someone. The big eyes that shine are more “pure” than the small, sparkling eyes that make out a nervous temperament. The eyes irregularly shaped indicate a person who looks at things from different angles and often face with subversive manner the problems, thanks to ingenuity. Eyes that have upward slope indicates an opportunist and a person who knows how to get what he wants.

Finally, deep eyes belong to people with intense and possessive (but observational) nature and often associated with writers and artists. The spacing of the eyes can also be revealing. The eyes are nearby show a narrow view of the world, while the eyes are at greatest distance mean that it is a rather open-minded person.

Lips. Sometimes you can tell if the person in front of you is cold, hard, hot or erotic just from his look.Eyebrows Thin and shapely eyebrows supposed to show someone who is quite undecided and sometimes without confidence. Unlike those with thick eyebrows usually have very strong personality and are prone to possessiveness and jealousy.

Nose. A big nose shows determination, confidence and boldness. The thicker the tip of the nose, the more prone the person is in the use of force. The crooked nose is considered a sign of strong will and independence, and the crooked nose shows sociability and extroversion.

Mouth. The mouth is connected with communication and sensuality. When up lips are thin and lower thicker it may indicate someone who can not give emotions in a relationship. The opposite means that the person is too emotionally generous. The fleshy lips show affectionate and sensitive, while the small lips are indicative of a rather egocentric and introvert personality.

A strong jaw shows someone who has a very strong value system. The more intense the jaw of a person, the greater the resistance. Also these people are usually stubborn. Unlike the more “distinctive” chin shows someone who is weaker personality and gives great importance to the opinion of others.

The Wrinkles “crow’s feet”, ie the wrinkles around the eyes, for some it is the “lines of joy.” Considered to be open heart mark and is found in people who scatter around their joy.

The vertical frown lines that appear between the eyes reveal a rational person who works hard and is very determined. The lines extending from nose to mouth lines are called “missions”. The appearance of these lines describes people who are moving in the right direction in their lives.

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