5 Ways to look even smarter!

You have definetely been in a group and one of the interlocutors has this ‘something more’. Exudes intelligence, making the others look to his eyes and hanging from his lips.

He has view, arguments and all documented everything and you admire and may be jealous of him for good reason.

And somewhere between the discussion think that you could have made to you sound smart. Not that you’re not, but you want and show even more. Continue reading “5 Ways to look even smarter!”

5 Secrets to make your home more “cheerful”

The majority of people spends most of their free time -where elsewhere- at their home!

This means that we should turn it, in every possible way, in a happy place that fills us with positive energy and optimism. But are there secrets that can make our place more enjoyable? Of course there are. Continue reading “5 Secrets to make your home more “cheerful””

Do you suffer from insomnia? Do this exercise before bedtime!

Insomnia is a common problem, which is not a disorder itself, but it is usually a symptom of another problem.

When someone suffers from ….insomnia, is unable to sleep the hours needed to wake feeling refreshed. Each of us requires a different amount of sleep so insomnia is defined mainly by the quality of sleep and how we feel after waking than the number of hours we sleep or how fast do to sleep.

If you suffer from insomnia, it is likely that: the difficulty for you to sleep even if you are tired, the difficulty to go back to sleep if for some reason you wake up during the night, the fact that you often wake up at night, or wake up earlier than that you would like in the morning and although you do not have rest, you can not go back to sleep. Your sleep does not relax you and the next day you feel exhaustion and drowsiness or it is based on hypnotics or anti-anxiety pills to sleep. Continue reading “Do you suffer from insomnia? Do this exercise before bedtime!”

This lift can change the cities of the future

This lift uses no traditional suspension systems. See what makes it innovative.

The elevators go up and down. They take people from one floor and go to another, vertically, in the same place.

A new technology, however, offers the possibility to exit the elevator from … the vertical prison, allowing them to move and sideways, or diagonally! Continue reading “This lift can change the cities of the future”

Exercise in city – How harmful is air pollution to health

The health benefits of walking and cycling in the city outweigh the harmful effects of air pollution, according to a new British scientific research.

In other words, even though the air of the city is not clean, still makes sense as everyone who can walk or ride a bike eventually comes out winner.

Many people hesitate to stroll or bike in the city, fearing that this will affect their health. But the new study reassuring that should not be overly concerned therefore should not project their fears as an excuse to take the bus and car or … lounging on the couch. Continue reading “Exercise in city – How harmful is air pollution to health”

Why do women go to the toilet with their friends?

It is one of the biggest questions of a man: Why do women go to the bathroom with their friends!

Men tend to use the toilet only to physical need or to throw a lightning quick glance in the mirror to make fix their hair! The visit to the toilet will last just a few minutes while you rarely see them exchanging words with other men at the urinals.

Continue reading “Why do women go to the toilet with their friends?”

Is there finally eternal love in couples?

“Love does not last for long,” “We are so many years together, what do you expect? 

Surely you’ve heard whisper or similar phrases by your friendly couples when you learn how wrong their relationship or even for yourselves. It is no coincidence that when we see a couple of aged people grasp hand by hand, we get surprised. We are surprised that this picture, as we consider although idealized but unrealistic if we see around our relationships dissolve daily and the number of divorces increased rapidly. On the one admired this picture, but on the other perhaps to envy, and we want to live it as fairy tale. Continue reading “Is there finally eternal love in couples?”

It is not my job to do

When the above is your first thought every time you listen new tasks or proposal to work, you first need to think about priorities, incentives and options.

Admittedly, we are touching a very sensitive issue, since several companies and organizations, many workers end up working (mostly without financial consideration) more times than the allowed time, let alone “running” tasks additionally agreed. Commonly, one worker corresponds almost three jobs. Does it sound exaggerated? Maybe not … Continue reading “It is not my job to do”

How to understand that he likes you!

1) The first sign is the natural language of the body!

• Notice if he is looking you.

• See if he is leaning toward you when you are sitting each close to other.

• Watch if he starts to groom himself.

• Observe his gestures and the way he sits. The manly gestures in a man show that he wants to impress you. Continue reading “How to understand that he likes you!”

Does Zoukermpergk allow users to earn money from their posts?

The task force created in London, it seems that “got” one super idea to keep the users to share unique primary material

Several months ago, when the founder of Facebook found that the users of social network have significantly reduced the frequency of sharing primary content in their material via the network, one task force was created in London on mission to find ideas, which will reverse this alarming trend. As this group was working ideas, Zoukermpergk progressed in innovation communication in the network – announcements come one after the other – that were more related with brands and companies than being important for the network’s users. Continue reading “Does Zoukermpergk allow users to earn money from their posts?”