What men would like to tell women but afraid!

How much easier would the world be if we all could say what we are thinking, do you agree?

How many broken friendships, separated couples and relatives in fight, there would be if we really had the guts and of course the necessary lack of tact to express what we really think but we always say the opposite because quite simply this is what our interlocutor wants to hear?

Especially couples topic takes a giant dimensions and the man is usually who are compatible permanently and doesn’t express his really thoughts! Usually he does not understand that he recedes and simply does it to escape the nagging of his beloved! It is of course sometimes there just the blood rises to the head, which is now evident his internal struggle of preventing him from telling in front of your face exactly what he wants, because quite simply, he afraids that the relationship would break up.. Let’s go to see then, some things in a virtual world a man could not tell you …

1. Yes you have gained weight: What happens to women is magical! We insist on asking our environment at least 3 times a day if we gain weight despite the fact that we see it simply because we do not fit anymore to our pants and if someone is found to tell it to us, automatically they are dead! So here we come to recognize the female mind very simple answer to this question “certainly not” and then all along consume buckets of popcorn watching movies! My dear friend (for the man), the next time your beloved will make you the above question trap, well do NOT answer honestly because even if you like her more now, and you mean it, you can not find your right!

2. I do not like your friends:  she considers her friends perfect, but again there was no reason to say that you do not like them and they are annoying. You simply automatically cancel her choices as she with her friends spends beautiful hours! It is proven that women are more comfortable with female groups and are more theirself and laugh more. If you then hate the fact that her friends suggest your beloved to go for a movie dressed with an extreme outfit instead of natural outlet making you think that they are dressed like going for drink and man’s search, it’s better not tell it why you will be judged also for your friends!

3. What are you wearing: Have you ever noticed how men review the women’s clothing? Except that the show is simply delightful, the comments are so vital and right that make us wonder whether they have hidden talent! Last fact, more and more men watch greatly, and the style of the girl who would be next to them. And if for the woman … it is easy to transform the styling of her beloved, even by force, for the man is bit harder to make stylistic observations in her! Now of course, if you go out for a drink with him and you got dressed like Rihanna because she’s fashion icon and trend, or you wore the bare essentials, a panty, a bra and some fabrics above, do not be impressed if the next day he comes for shopping with you and he is willing to make clothes suggestions and pay for all!

4. No, I haved not missed you yet: You wake up after of course you have slept together, you go to work and in the first half hour, you send him, “I miss you!” What do you expect from him to answer? That he did not have the time to miss you? But an hour before you were together! The evil in this is that if he delays and will answer during his break, you will start moaning that he doesn’t care for you! If he chooses to answer without saying something similar, it means that he doesn’t not want and love you! Being even a little honest is something that does not even pass through her mind! But as we have said many times, the woman thoughts are so complicated!

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