Coming space hotels rooms -The first 350km above the Earth (Photos)

The previous weekend completed successfully a space mission which probably will mean a new era of space exploration. Huge space stations and space … hotels just around the corner.

In NASA’s plans, as it became known after finding water on Mars, it is extensive, manned missions to the red planet. Meanwhile, the European Space Agency in cooperation with the Russian Roscosmos, considering permanent establishment on the Moon, to fully explore. In these grand plans, however, a question born. Where to stay astronauts who will travel to there?

To this question the answer is given by the mission  that was completed on Sunday in the International Space Station. The first “inflatable” room transferred compressed in the spaceport, to test the functionality. When decompressed, it can provide plenty of space for astronauts, helping them to stay off the planet. Continue reading “Coming space hotels rooms -The first 350km above the Earth (Photos)”

With this easy way hackers hit mobiles -Listening conversations, reading sms

Once again proved that it doesn’t matter how many safety precautions one can take to protect his personal data of the mobile.

For all these, a hacker just only need the number of the mobile phone in order to identify the user’s location or to intercept his telephone conversations.

This possibility was first demonstrated in 2014 by German security researcher Karsten Nol during a hacking conference that took place in Hamburg. Continue reading “With this easy way hackers hit mobiles -Listening conversations, reading sms”

What to stop to expect from others

Simplify your life and your mind and stop to have expectations for things that will not change

There are some things you need to stop waiting for the people around you if you want to live in harmony and happiness. Besides, there are several reasons why the others either do not follow you, or do not conform to the rules you raise. Continue reading “What to stop to expect from others”

8 Daily Habits that brings you closer to happiness!

These eight small, everyday habits suggest that you are happier than you think.

Breaking news: it’s time to stop blaming genes or your parents for the ups and downs that your emotional health goes. In fact, new research shows that there are some pretty -and interesting- factors that play a key role in how happy or unhappy we are. Indeed, ideas studies argue that there are eight health secrets that if we make them habits and put them in our daily lives we will live not only well, but better! Continue reading “8 Daily Habits that brings you closer to happiness!”

Why rewards by your boss may make you sick

Your boss may manage to constantly boost your morale in order for you to give your best at work and do the extra mile, but research shows it can make you sick.

A new study examined the working conditions of employees in Denmark and concluded that most workers have set the bar high, and get sick more often. Continue reading “Why rewards by your boss may make you sick”

What men would like to tell women but afraid!

How much easier would the world be if we all could say what we are thinking, do you agree?

How many broken friendships, separated couples and relatives in fight, there would be if we really had the guts and of course the necessary lack of tact to express what we really think but we always say the opposite because quite simply this is what our interlocutor wants to hear?

Especially couples topic takes a giant dimensions and the man is usually who are compatible permanently and doesn’t express his really thoughts! Usually he does not understand that he recedes and simply does it to escape the nagging of his beloved! It is of course sometimes there just the blood rises to the head, which is now evident his internal struggle of preventing him from telling in front of your face exactly what he wants, because quite simply, he afraids that the relationship would break up.. Let’s go to see then, some things in a virtual world a man could not tell you … Continue reading “What men would like to tell women but afraid!”

What men do not say when they cheat on you?

Infidelity is treated very difficult in a relationship. Women who learn that their partner was unfaithful feel so much hurt and betrayed and it is very difficult to overcome it. At the same time, after infidelity communication between the couple is so difficult that hardly men manage to speak candidly about their ‘wrong’ and tell what it is needed to justify their act and help their partner to overcome it. Continue reading “What men do not say when they cheat on you?”

See the trick how to find a job through Facebook

Social media are becoming more useful both for commercial and other purposes, and for the labor market.

With a significant number of visitors, Facebook has become an attraction for millions of visitors on a daily basis on several issues that have to do with veryday activities and topicality up opportunities for jobs, new employers and tips for searching and finding a job.

So as the cost and direct communication are valuable information for employers, more and more companies choose Facebook to communicate their needs for new jobs. The important organizations daily update their Facebook pages with useful information for job seekers. Continue reading “See the trick how to find a job through Facebook”

Relationships: The real reasons that couples divorce

If you ask a couple of the reasons that led them to the decision to get a divorce, the most “gentle” response that you will get is rather “character discord.” or “we are looking for different things, we do not match.”

But again we are talking about a “gentle” response. The real reasons usually have to do with other things and first-first on the list is featured infidelity, but it’s difficul for anyone admit to admit it. Continue reading “Relationships: The real reasons that couples divorce”

Benefits of sleep on health you may do not know

It is well known how important is sleep for our health sleep- both in (right) quantity but also in quality. Improves the health of our hearts, helps us to not get overweight, keeps our mind alert. Let’s take a more detailed look at some of the benefits of sleep may have never crossed our minds. Continue reading “Benefits of sleep on health you may do not know”